my names elle, a final year undergraduate studying in brighton with a passion for fashion, expensive cosmetics, a cup of english tea and of course my main babe, tom hardy.

♥;london,vintage fashion,chloeperfume, lovers,trains,money,lush products, parties,close friends,fashion,magazines, blonde hair,holding hands,cuddles, candyfloss,festivals,sleeping,kissies, topshop,scarfs,trust,love,ambitions, honesty,tea,deep thinking,secrets, webcam,cities,mirrors,storys,summer, lips, obsessions,freckles,lipstick,flowers, nailvarnish,elegance,feminity,bags, accessories,my bedroom,singing, music,sleepless nights,genorosity,love, passionate people,making love,beautiful people,laughing,letters,bags,designers, chick flicks,presents,new years,my dog,nightsout,snow,australia,jumpers, macbookpro,coco madamoiselle, univeristy.

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